The Science of Technology Project Portfolio Management

Henrico Dolfing
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Project portfolio management is the art and science of making decisions about investment mix, operational constraints, resource allocation, project priority and schedule.

It is about understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio, predicting opportunities and threats, matching investments to objectives, and optimizing trade-offs encountered in the attempt to maximize return (i.e., outcomes over investments) at a given appetite for risk (i.e., uncertainty about return).

This book offers you two tools to help you with these challenges:

> The Project Valuation Model ™

> A Simple Project Portfolio Management Framework

The Project Valuation Model ™ is a conceptual model that will help you to determine the value of your project. Project valuation is essential for any project portfolio management process. It is described in the first part of this book.

This section also contains some additional important concepts about project valuation like Cost of Delay and Opportunity Cost.

The Simple Project Portfolio Management Framework described in this book is designed for managing large and complex project portfolios. The second part of this book contains the definition of the framework which consists of its roles, events, artifacts, and the rules that bind them together.

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This book offers you two tools to help you with you project portfolio management challenges: 1) The Project Valuation Model ™ and 2) A Simple Project Portfolio Management Framework.

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